Eight years ago I started going to a hula hoop class for fitness. I quickly became obsessed and what began as a hobby became a career as a performer and teacher. I have hoop danced at festivals, on beaches in Goa and for the Facebook Summer Party!

What began with waist hooping and learning tricks became an exploration into Flow. What is Flow? Well, rappers talk about Flow, we talk about water flowing, but the state of Flow is to become fully immersed in something, which essentially is a form of meditation. When Iā€™m in my hoop time stands still. I am fully connected with what I am doing. I feel peace.

If you want to try hoop dance I teach at DW Fitness Cheltenham Mondays at 5.50pm. I am also working on some new classes and workshops, details and my separate hula hooping website will be launching in April.